Converting credit card outstanding into a personal loan
By Ankit Sharma
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Today the world has gone plastic and with credit cards in the wallet, we have the advantage of spending even if there are no funds at our disposal. However such a facility can turn into a bane if we become a spendthrift and our credit card starts showing a large amount outstanding on it.

Under such circumstances it becomes difficult to overcome the burden that keeps accumulating even if the minimum amount is paid on a regular basis. However a credit cardholder who has overspent on his card has an option of converting his outstanding amount into a personal loan. This alternative is beneficial because the interest rate charged on such a loan would be much less than the rate applicable on your credit card. Personal loans are normally offered in a range between 12% and 19% per annum where as the interest rate levied in a credit card lies somewhere between 36% to 44% per annum.

Moreover banks are also ready to convert your debt since the risk carried by them declines. Banks fear that if the cardholder defaults, the outstanding amount would turn into a bad loan and their non-performing assets (NPAs) would increase. Therefore they willingly extend a personal loan to consolidate your credit card outstanding.

However all this may appear to be very simple but its not so. There are situations where you need to be careful about details that might not be noticed at the time of conversion.

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1. These tips are very useful if they follow & I am very happy by reading these tips.
LAKSHMA REDDY.B (Posted: Jul 5, 2011)
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