Virtual Credit Card- Know all about it!!
By Ankit Sharma
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Can Virtual Credit Cards be created using a Debit Card?

The answer is ‘Yes' for most of the banks. Even if one just has a debit card and not a credit card, they can use their debit card to create a virtual card online. In the recent times, people want to transact online always, but there are times when they do not hold a credit card. But now it is easier for them as they can they can now create a Virtual Credit Card and use it to transact online.

Refund from the merchant site

In some cases, it might happen that users get a refund of the amount paid through VCC to the merchant site. This may be because of some defect in the product or due to some problem in the services or it can be any other situation. As, the payment was made through VCC (which has already expired as it has been used once), users can get the refund back. The refund will automatically be credited to the user's main card.

In the case where the VCC is not fully utilized, the balance amount of the VCC gets credited to the main card within a certain period of time, as per the bank's policy. For example, if a VCC is generated for Rs. 1000 and it is used only for Rs. 800, then in that case the remaining Rs. 200 will be credited back to the user's main card and the VCC will lapse.


The VCC technology is fairly new in India, though it has been around for several years in abroad. Now by using the VCC, credit card holders can be completely assured that their credit card details are not falling in wrong hands and they can easily avoid credit card frauds and phishes.



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