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Credit cards have always fascinated Vaibhav, who since his early days in the college have aspired to become a part of this mainstream media. Finding blogging as the perfect platform, Vaibhav puts his views on various personal finance topics especially, the wise use of the plastic. A Delhi University graduate, Vaibhav blogs regularly at
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Tuesday, October 14
IndusInd bank profit rises up

The new generation Bank – IndusInd bank has reported that bank has earned a profit of Rs 430.20 crore for the quarter ended September. Bank stated that bank has a got a 30% rise in its net profit this time. It is believed that the higher net interest income and a rise in fee income are the major factors, for the profit of the bank.

The non-interest income was up 34 per cent...

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Monday, October 13
Bank decided to withdraw their extra cooperation until IBA will attend their demand of wage revision

It has been reported that The All India Bank Officers' Confederation (AIBOC) has planned to go on two days strike along with the other constituents of UBFU for the wage revision. From long back the banks are demanding for the revision in their wages Further the AIBOC has also decided to stick to their working hours they will not be working on the weekends and holidays.

In the first week of November through the...

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Monday, October 13
Financial literacy camp by SBI and NABARD

Few days ago, State bank of India in association with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has organized a financial literacy camp in Tseminyu. In order to aware the people regarding the banking services and their advantages the banks organize such camps. Chunlikha is a village where the people are unaware about the banking.

With aim to give the knowledge reading banking SBI along with NABARD organized financial literacy camp highlighting...

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Friday, October 10
Little super star savings account for Kids

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank has recently rolled out a savings account especially for the kids. The bank has launched TMB little super star. This savings account scheme is for the children in the age group of 10 too 18yrs.

Yesterday the product was launched by the Chief Educational Officer, Coimbatore, A Gnana Gowri in the city. It has been stated that product is rolled out with the aim to develop the savings habit among...

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Friday, October 10
Depositors of Rupee Bank facing problem due to delay in merger

Recently it has been that Customers of the Rupee bank are protesting against the delay of the bank. Due to the delay in the decision of the process of the merger of the bank, the depositors are facing problem. Since the bank has stopped the withdrawals and the transactions are been suspended the customers are disappointed.

In order to display their dissatisfaction and report that they are facing problem the depositors has planned...

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Friday, October 10
Upcoming Bank Bandhan to launch 600 branches by 2015.

According to some reports it has been informed that the upcoming bank Bandhan – a microfinance institution is expected to come up with its full fledged branches by the beginning of the next year, 2015. The Bandhan bank is all set to set up 600 new branches by the early 2015.

With 600 branches and nearly 10 million customers the Bandhan will be start up its banking. Fidelity Information Services(FIS) the technology partner of the...

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Thursday, October 9
Practice of Banks selling insurance products needs to be inspected: RBI

It has been reported that the govt. and Apex bank of the country RBI has decided to inspect the practice of banks selling insurance products. It is laso reported that in recent time many customers have complained that they are being forced to buy insurance products.

Several issues regarding the miselling of the products and use unfair practices are also being reported. This inspection will be done for both the private as well as the...

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Wednesday, October 8
IndusInd Bank first to establish digitized branch at a metro station

For the first time a bank in India has successfully established it fully digitized branch at a metro station. Last week IndusInd bank has launched its full fledged digitized branch at IndusInd Cybercity Rapid Metro station, Gurgaon.

The digital branch is situated at the centre core of the cyber city hub offering all the banking facilities to the customers in a fully digitized way. The bank is having large number of tech- savvy customers...

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Tuesday, October 7
Savings account for Minors increasing rapidly

To develop the savings habit among all the youngsters the bank these days are highly encouraging kids to open their savings accounts with the bank. In recent times the reputed banks of the country have come up with large variety of new savings accounts for the minors.

The reports have shown that new born babies are having their savings account in the banks. The banks ask the minors to open savings account with them...

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Tuesday, October 7
Yes Bank decided to work with Suntec Business Solutions

To have more enhanced revenue management and Business assurance in retails banking sector the Yes Bank has decided to work with SunTec Business Solutions. The Bank has selected Xelerate products from the Suntec Suite to help the bank in its financial world.

The Suntec Business already deals with the clients from Visa Europe, HSBC, ING, Mashreq and Standard Bank to American Express.With the help of the Suntec product bank will get the assistance...

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Monday, October 6
SBI to convert some of its branches to SME branches

State Bank of India has planned to convert some of its branches into pure SME branches. With opening of more number of SME branches the bank is planning to focus over the SME segment all over the country.

The bank will have some branches that will completely deal with the SME activities only. Bank is noticing that the number of defaults was increasing especially n case of the large corporate. The bank's SME advances...

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Monday, October 6
PF subscribers can monitor PF accounts online on real time basis

Now the EPFO subscribers can get their account update in real time. From the 16th of this month the EPFO subscribers will get the facility to monitor their PF funds online on the real time basis. It is being informed that on 16th October Mr. Modi is launching UAN number which will make the PF account number portable and easily accessible. the EPFO would provide more value added services like paperless settlement of provident...

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Wednesday, October 1
RBI maintained the same rates

Good news lined up for the loan customers. Yesterday the governor of the apex bank Mr. Rajan announced that EMIs are likely to fall soon. RBI has maintined the same rate. The bank has kept the rates unchanged, though it was expected that there will be a lowering in the borrowing cost. Further it is alos informed that the repo rate is maintained same i.e. 8% and CRR is maintained at 4%.

Industry Lenders...

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Wednesday, October 1
Corporation bank supporting the govt. in financial inclusion plan

Under the Prime Minister Jan Dhan scheme, Banks are rapidly opening savings account with the aim to provide a savings account in each household by the end of the year. Working for this initiative, the corporation bank also worked well on this task. So far Corporation Bank has opened new 9.94 lakh savings accounts.

The bank has been allotted with 2,230 villages and 994 wards in urban areas, where the bank is supposed to open the...

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Tuesday, September 30
New Branch of BMB bank in kerala

The women oriented bank of the country – Bhartiya Mahila bank is about to open its second branch in Kochi. The bank will set up the new branch today. The Bahrtiya Mahila Bank specifically caters the needs of the women customers.

The bank was introduced by the govt. last year. In the time period of the 1 year bank has developed itself well. With the establishment of this branch bank will have total...

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Tuesday, September 30
Bharat co-op Bank bags the Award

It has been reported that Bharat Co-operative bank has won the award for the fifth time. The Maharastra Urban Cooperative Bank's Federation Limited has awarded the bank for its best performance in banking at the state level.

Last week at the 35th annual general body meeting of the federation held at the Indian Sports Club hall in Vadala Federation President Vidyadhar Anaskar awarded the managing director of the bank C R Mulki with...

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Monday, September 29
Federal Bank planning to roll out more branches outside Kerala

With the aim to expand its banking network all over the country, Federal Bank has decided to establish more branches in Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujarat and Bengal. The Executive director of the bank Mr. Abraham Chacko stated that more than half of the branches of the bank are outside Kerala.

In the last 1 year bank has added nearly 300 new branches. Earlier there were 950 new branches, now it has reached to 1,203...

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Monday, September 29
4th e-lobby of Corporation Bank in Mangalore

Last week Public sector bank – Corporation Bank has opened a new a new e-lobby in Mangalore at Kankanady Bypass Road. This is the 4th new e-lobby of the bank. The e-lobby will serve 24X7 to the customers.

Along with the Chairman and managing director of the bank Mr. SR bansal Orthopaedic Surgeon from Mangalore initiated the new e-lobby. The E-lobby eases the banking transactions and help the customers with various facility...

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Friday, September 26
Amanath co-op Bank to merge with Canara bank

It has been reported that last day the Karnataka High court has passed an order to the apex bank CBI and other on the issues related to the merging of the Amanath co-op bank with the Canara bank.

Amanath Bank was facing financial crisis as a result it was decided to merge the bank with Canara bank. Amanath co-op bank is the only bank of the Muslim community in the state. But without...

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Friday, September 26
Banks may face some legal issue on opening of minors account

Recently the banks are introducing new savings accounts scheme for the minors with the aim to develop savings habit in them. But it is suspected that these minor accounts may raise some legal issued for the banks.

Under the scheme the kids are allowed to operate their savings account on their own but these facilities and freedom to them may be against some of the laws of the country. It has been stated that...

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