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HDFC Bank Purchase Card HDFC Bank Distributor card
  HDFC Bank Purchase Card
  • Eliminates the delay and cost of traditional purchase transactions.
  • Enables effective control to track and manage spending.
  • Automates purchase process for easy account management.
  • Key Features
    • Authority is granted by the bank to designated employees of corporates for official purchases through the card.
    • Customizable product - The Purchase card can be restricted at * The Merchant Category Code (MCC) level * The HDFC Bank's EDC terminal / Payment Gateway level
    • The Purchase card can be issued in the name of an Individual / Corporate.
  • Business Benefits
    • Reduces transaction processing time, cost of high volume and low value transactions for the Corporate.
    • Streamlines the payment process and enables account management control.
    • Reduces the cost of goods by consolidating the supplier base and negotiating more favorable pricing from preferred suppliers.
    • Minimizes risks associated with fraud, forgery and theft through a secure, totally mechanized card program.
    • Provides online expense management solutions - minimizing paperwork and simplifying reconciliation

  HDFC Bank Distributor card
  • Benefits to Corporate
    • Increases distributor's appetite for the Corporate's products.
    • Shorter working capital cycle and improved cash flow management.
    • Removal of cheque and cash payments and consequent problems for Corporates.
    • Easy reconciliation of transactions.
    • Helps quick delivery of goods or services.
  • Benefits to Distributor
    • Increases distributor's appetite for goods owing to easy payment option.
    • Attractive finance charges and interest free credit periods.
    • Flexibility of scheduling payments: part payment, pre-payment and post-payments possible.
    • Reduces operational hassles in processing and reconciling transactions.
    • Reduces time for procurement of goods.

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