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Cherish your dream of owning a house with Allahabad bank housing finance scheme. Bank gives loan for purchasing house from Development Authority of any Govt. recognized agency i.e. HUDA, HOUSEFED and construction of residential house thereon. Loan can also be availed to furnish unfinished or old house (maximum 20 years old), renovation or addition of another floor to the existing house, etc. The bank extends special facility for the salaried class like extension of the repayment period beyond the date of their retirement. The service is available under the Public Housing Loan Scheme offered by the bank for a period up to 5 years after the date of retirement. There is an availability of Progressive monthly installments (PMI) options under the public housing loan scheme.
Interest Rate 0%
Loan Amount For loans up to Rs 20.00 Lacs - 10% of Project cost.
For loans above Rs 20.00 Lacs - 20% of Project cost.
Above Rs 75.00 lacs – 25% of the project cost
Tenure Min. - 5 Yrs.
Max. - 25 Yrs.
Time to Process Loan 7 days
Interest Rates
Tenure Interest Type Interest Rate Offer
1 - 25 Yrs. Floating 10.5 % Regular (upto 30 lakhs - 10.25%

from 30lakhs to Loans Up to Rs.75 Lac - 10.25%

75 lakh to 300 lakhs - 10.25%

upto 500 lakh - 10.50%)
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