Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan
The bank offers home loans for construction, purchase, refurbishing and even transfer of an existing home loan from another financial institution, and provides versatile finance options for any other home-related expenses.
Interest Rate 0%
Loan Amount The loan amount eligible is subject to the lowest of the following:

* 85% of cost of construction/value of house/flat for new dwelling units
* 70% of purchase cost in the case of purchase of residential plots
* 75% of cost for existing dwelling units/repairs
* In case of employed persons, the maximum loan amount can be up to 60 times of the net monthly take home salary including that of spouse. This is subject to furnishing satisfactory evidence, even as other income of a permanent nature like interest on deposits/ investment, rental income etc. can be considered in computations to arrive at the net monthly income
* For all other borrowers, the maximum loan amount can be five times the net annual income as per IT Return
Tenure Min. - 3 Yrs.
Max. - 20 Yrs.
Interest Rates
Tenure Interest Type Interest Rate Offer
3 - 20 Yrs. Floating 11.5 %  
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