Karnataka bank Home Loan
Karnataka Bank provides Home loan under the scheme name KBL apna Ghar for a)Construction / purchase of house / flat.
b) Renovation / remodeling / repair to existing house / flat.
Interest Rate 0%
Loan Amount • 20% for construction of a house on a land already owned.
• 25% of the total cost in the case of a house / flat not older than 5 years.
• 30% of the total cost in the case of a house / flat over 5 years old but not older than 20 years.
• 30% of the cost for renovation / repair, subject to maintaining 40% margin on the value of the house / flat.
Tenure Max. - 15 Yrs.
Interest Rates
Tenure Interest Type Interest Rate Offer
1 - 15 Yrs. Floating 10.75 % Regular (Above Rs.200 lakhs upto 300 lakhs - 10.75%

Above Rs 300 lakhs and up to Rs. 500 lakhs -10.75%)
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