Indian Bank Personal Loan
Indian Bank has designed customer friendly and very attractive offers of personal loan to people. The IB Clean loan has been designed for salaried class. It provides loans to meet Marriage/Educational and medical expenses, to celebrate family functions and for other household expenses.
  Salaried Self Employed
Loan Scheme IB Clean Loan IB Consumer Loan
Loan Type Term Loan Term Loan
Loan Amount Eligible amount is calculated @ five times the gross salary (maximum of Rs.50000/-) for account holders whose salary is credited in the branch account or @7 times of gross salary (maximum Rs.1 lakh) with employer sponsorship with undertaking letter from the employer to recover EMI from salary and remit to Bank. Min. - Rs 25000
Max. - Rs 1000000
Tenure Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 36 months.
Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 36 months.
Interest Rate Min. - 16.75 %
Max. - 17 %
Min. - 14.5 %
Max. - 14.5 %
Time to Process Loan 5 days 5 days
 Fees & charges
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