Jammu & Kashmir Bank Personal Loan
Jammu & Kashmir bank offer personal loan for various purposes and has categorized as consumer loan, consumption loan and personal loan to pensioners.
The consumer loan can be taken for the purchase of durable consumer goods like air conditioner, computer, washing machine, etc. The range of finance under this is Rs.3000 to Rs.40,000 per Article. In consumption loan cash is given and enquiry is done. There is revolving type facility available subject to the conditions.
There is personal loan for pensioners in which cash is given without asking any question and the amount range is maximum Rs30000/- or nine months pension, whichever is lower, for pensioners below the age of 65 years or maximum Rs.20,000/- for pensioners above 65 years of age or equivalent to six months pension whichever is lower.
  Salaried Self Employed
Loan Scheme consumer loan consumer loan
Loan Type Term Loan Term Loan
Loan Amount maximum 75,000 Rs.75000 subject to 12 times net monthly income
Tenure Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 60 months.
Min. - 12 months.
Max. - 60 months.
Interest Rate Min. - 16 %
Min. - 16 %
Time to Process Loan 7 days 7 days
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