State Bank of Travancore Saving Accounts
State Bank of Travancore has a Janapriya special SB account. It is a No Frills account. The account can be opened by individuals in their own name or in joint names. There is a minor account facility available. There no requirement to maintain a minimum balance under this account. Bank issues ATM card and there is no annual maintenance fee of Rs.50 is charged. There is Simplified KYC norms for the opening of the account. Bank allows 4 withdrawals per month from the account.
Savings Banks Account Janapriya special SB Account or No frills account
Sukanya Deposit Scheme Pratibha saving Deposit scheme
SBT Little Star Savings Deposit
  State Bank of Travancore : Savings Banks Account
  • Best suited for all classes of persons.
  • Running account.
  • Cheques, Drafts, Interest Warrants, Dividend warrants etc.., in Indian rupees and foreign currencies in the personal names of the depositors can be collected and credited to these accounts.
  • Liberal withdrawal facilities.
  • No Income Tax deduction at source on interest.
  • Standing instructions for remittances of insurance premium, rent and similar payments carried out.
  • Minors above 10 years can open and operate the account.
  • Quarterly Average Minimum Balance to be maintained in SB accounts is Rs.1000/- with Cheque Book facility and Rs.500/- without Cheque Book facility

  State Bank of Travancore : Janapriya special SB Account or No frills account
  • Simplified KYC norms.
  • Minors account can be opened.

  State Bank of Travancore : Sukanya Deposit Scheme

  State Bank of Travancore : Pratibha saving Deposit scheme

  State Bank of Travancore : SBT Little Star Savings Deposit

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