The Old Man Monetary
An adventure story about a young boy Arth, how he traces the evolution of money and finds out its importance.
Uruk & Arth Meet The Old Man Of Monetary
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Uruk & Arth Meet The Old Man Of Monetary
By Neelima Shankar

Uruk & Arth Meet The Old Man Of Monetary


Arth, who had fallen asleep while waiting, felt a tug on his sleeve. "Wake up, wake up!" Uruk whispered. "He is here", he said, pointing to a man passing by.

"He doesn't have a face", was Arth's first thought when he saw the figure in robes glide pass them. Strangely, he was not scared.

"Greetings" said Uruk.

"Ah! The Stranger has come," the Old Man exclaimed, as he noticed Arth. His voice sounded neither male nor female, neither young nor old; it seemed to come from close by and yet, it seemed so far away.

"We are seeking the Secret Treasure of Innana. Will you help us?" Uruk asked the Old Man.

"I will tell you about it, but on one condition. You must never interrupt me or ask me any questions. If you are able to hold your tongue, I will tell you about the ancient treasure of Innana", replied the Old Man.

Arth and Uruk agreed to the Old Man's condition.

"Come then, let us set forth. I must return before the constellation of the Fish is on the horizon". Saying this, the Old Man, began gliding toward the dunes visible in the distance and beckoned Arth and Uruk to follow him.

Arth was about to ask him where they were going, but was reminded just in time by Uruk, of the promise, with a nudge. He quickly gulped his words and quietly followed the Old Man.


The Old Man Monetary is copyright of Reserve Bank of India and is posted here in public interest and to spread banking awareness among kids.

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Uruk & Arth Meet The Old Man Of Monetary
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