Raju and the Magical Goat
In this booklet, Raju talks about the loan facilities offered by the banks.  
Chander and sunder cheated Murli with a magical goat
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Raju and the Magical Goat Page 5
By Ankit Sharma
raju and the magical goat

Chander: Do you see this goat? It is not an ordinary goat. Its milk has got magical powers. Anybody who drinks its milk cannot forget its taste all his life.

Chander: It gives ten buckets of milk everyday and it is so sweet that you do not need to add any sugar.

Chander: You can make plenty of sweets out of the goat's milk everday and sell that in the nearby market.
Sunder: Soon you will have enough money to start your own shop. With one shop that does good business, you can soon put up ten more shops and very soon you will become a very rich businessman.


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Raju living a happy life in village
Poor Murli went to sunder and chander to take their help
Chander and sunder cheated Murli with a magical goat
Raju and the Magical Goat Page 5
Raju and the Magical Goat Page 6
Raju and the Magical Goat Page 7
Murli left in search of gopi chacha and raju to get their wise advices
Raju explained benefits of a bank loan
Bhola asked raju about benefits of education loan and credit cards
Murli asked about bank’s eligibility criteria
Raju told about the interest rates
Shammu started spreading humors about magical goat
Raju helped Murli to get his land back

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