2 held for drawing money against insurance policy cheques
By Ankit Sharma
Aug 13, 2009
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Delhi police has arrested two official of insurance arm of HDFC, alleged for deceiving people on the pretext of availing them easy bank loans and credit cards.

The case came to light when Vimal Kishore Jugran, a resident of Sarojini Nagar, Delhi filed a complaint against Navin Kumar.

The police has arrested Navin Kumar, who is the senior sales manager and his accomplice Mohammad Yusuf alias Durgesh Kumar in connection with the case. The former is a senior sales manger and heads a team of 35 sales executives in the private insurance firm.

The police has recovered fake identity cards, stolen computer with customer database, a 'magic pen', 23 mobile SIM cards, six mobile handsets, four credit cards and ten debit cards of various banks from the condemned.

On Aug 2, the plaintiff, Jugran, received sales call from Navin Kumar (pretending to be a sales manager of ICICI Bank) for buying 'gold credit card' against his insurance policy. He was told that he could avail a bank loan easily against the new credit card.

The offer was accepted by Jugran who needed money due to medical problems in his family and was asked for a crossed cheque and supporting documents (copies of salary slips, bank statements, two photographs and insurance policy).

The field executive Durgesh Kumar, who visited for collection of cheque and documents, asked Jugran to sign a fresh cheque - "Durgesh insisted that Jugran must sign a fresh cheque saying that the first cheque was not properly signed. Durgesh gave a pen to Jugran to sign the fresh check," Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi) H.G.S. Dhaliwal, confirmed.

"The ink of this pen evaporates when rubbed with hand. The accused used to fill out the same cheque and deposit it in an account opened in fictitious names and later used to withdraw the amount," he explained.

The two withdrew Rs.96,300 from Jugran's account on basis of cheque.

The alleged have targeted around 60 other people, using the same modus operandi.


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