SBI coughs up 20,000 for customer harassment
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CafCOKsmems (Posted: Aug 20, 2013)
We are always told that its easy to get loans,, but when we intend to, we always face a problem..... its only 10% applications or may be less than that, who really get the loan...
Ronald Chisley (Posted: Sep 9, 2008)
Sir,I have already closed the SBI card account on end of April 2008. If you want any clarification you can discuss with your legal division in Chennai.As per the telephonic conversation with one of your advocate I have given the outstanding amount to your executive in Trivandrum and the same advocate has given an assurance that he will send the policy document but it doesnt happen till date.The fact is that i never use your card at all.Again you peoples are sending the account statement regularly. So for gods sake please dont disturb from here on wards.Expecting your favourable and earlier reply
Biju Mon MR (Posted: Sep 8, 2008)

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