No increase in interest rates: Kamath
Today ICICI is offering cheap housing loans to new borrowers, while the old borrowers are at loss. I took loan of 18lacs in 2004 @ 7% floating rate of interest and today it is 12%. However, if i have to take new loan, ICICI is ready to offer even 10.5%. When 7% was the least interest rate available to me in 2004 the same priority treatment should prevail to the same borrower in todays date also. why existing customers being treated as step customers and made to dish out more money? Why law makers not intervening & seeking explanation from ICICI ?
G S Malik (Posted: May 31, 2008)
Mr kamnath do rightly said that "Inflation is not significantly different from other advanced countries. Commodity prices have peaked in 2008."
He ends up giving the macro economic view that everythings fine. Wake up Mr kamnath the average citizen is struggling to fight the price rise. Though we are advancing but the inequitable distribution of income is maximum in our country. Inflation does play a significant part .
ankit (Posted: May 30, 2008)
please provide email addresses of rupeetimes as well as the experts.

i.k (Posted: May 30, 2008)

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