Subbarao concerned over rising NPAs in farm loans
close/penalise such Bank branches which have exceded the all India average NPAs as was done in respect of
Non Banking companies during 2000-2003 when thousands of nBFCS were closed and corers depositers lost their deposits. NBFCS deposits had no Gurantee and now Banks have credit garanntee only upto one lakh only. or entrust recovery task to Post offices-postal Banks who can know the lonee and resort to easy recovery.Pay commission to postal bank,

Sasikumar k G .
Sasikumar K G (Posted: Jul 13, 2012)
No worries Dr Subbaro. Elections are on the horizn soon. All agricultural loans that are NPA will be written off!!! Why worry?
Peter James (Posted: Jul 13, 2012)
Iagree the views of Dr.Subbarao.It is
true that farm loans being diverted to
other activities.Some stringent guidelines has .to be framed.otherwise
NPAs in psbs may rise
parameswararao.T (Posted: Jul 13, 2012)

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